Remove Stress . . . Live Your Best Life!

Remove Stress. . . Live Your Best Life!

Remove Stress. . . Live Your Best Life!

Home Watch

We will tailor our home watch visit to your unique needs but each visit includes…


  • Walk perimeter of property/residence looking for signs of vandalism, forced entry, squatters, weather damage etc…
  • Remove mail, flyers, debris or any signs of home being unoccupied
  • Check functionality of exterior lighting
  • Visually inspect roof, gutters from ground level
  • Verify that service providers are meeting expectations (lawn, pool etc)
  • Check external spigots/faucets/hose bibs for leaks or damage
  • Inspect general condition of landscaping, plants, trees


  • Inspect doors, windows, ceilings, walls and floors throughout home for damage, water leaks, mold or signs of pest infestation
  • Verify air conditioner/heater maintaining desired temperature
  • Measure and record humidity level
  • Check all preset timers
  • Check appliances. Run dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washing machine checking for leaks and assessing seal integrity
  • Check interior lights
  • Check internal water connection points (faucets, toilets). Ensure no issues, leaks, P-traps functioning properly and flush all toilets
  • Investigate irregular odors, alarms, or noises
  • Check breaker panel
  • Verify security system is functioning properly upon entry/exit
  • If power outage occurs: reset appliances, timers, clocks, breakers as needed
  • Verify garage doors working properly
  • Check water softener/water heater functionality (if left on)
  • Check WiFi functionality

Following each Home Watch visit we provide you with detailed reporting so you see what we see. See “Reporting” below for details.

Concierge Services

We can help! Being away can be stressful enough but knowing you have a trusted partner available when needed is a tremendous benefit.

How we can help…. 

  • Escorting service providers such as contractors/vendors into your home and staying while work is completed
  • Personal assistance such as basic errands, grocery shopping and pickup, managing deliveries, ensuring your needs are met for a seamless return
  • Storing & releasing keys to your home as per your direction
  • Starting/running stored vehicles (driving vehicles requires a liability waiver)


Special requests are welcomed. We will work with you to accommodate based on our expertise and insurance coverage. (Note: we can not provide ride services)

When a Home Watch visit is completed at your residence, you receive detailed reporting via email. As the industry leader, we chose HomeWatchIT as our technology partner. Their software provides customized reporting complete with photos, GPS coordinates and is time/date stamped. Your advantages include quality communication and documentation after each visit as well as the confidence that your personal information and data is secure.  Check out this video for details.