Remove Stress . . . Live Your Best Life!

Remove Stress. . . Live Your Best Life!

Remove Stress. . . Live Your Best Life!

Home Watch

We can tailor our home watch visits to unique needs but each visit typically includes:


  • Visually inspect home exterior for damages & physical security issues (such as vandalism, forced
    entry, squatters, etc…)
  • Remove all signs of the home being unoccupied (mail, flyers, deliveries, debris etc…)
  • Check functionality of exterior lighting
  • Visually inspect roof, gutters & downspouts (from ground level)
  • Verify service providers are meeting expectations (lawn, pool/spa, snow removal etc…)
  • Check external water sources such as spigots, faucets, and hose bibs for leaks, damage, freeze risk
  • Confirm external equipment is functional and personal property is secure/accounted for
  • Assess general condition of landscaping, plants, trees and irrigation system functionality
  • Visually inspect for exterior pest presence or damages
  • Review ten day local weather forecast for potential threats


  • Physically check all doors/windows for damage, leaks, faulty seals or condensation build-up
  • Visually inspect all ceilings, walls & floors throughout home & garage for signs of water intrusion
  • Verify HVAC equipment is maintaining desired temperature/humidity level. Visually inspect equipment
    & furnace filter(s). Ensure all intake/exhaust vents are unobstructed
  • Measure and record humidity level
  • Check all major appliances & run/sanitize disposals
  • Check interior lights and timers
  • Check all internal water connection points (faucets, showers, toilets) for leaks, improper drainage,
    obvious water quality/pressure issues etc…flush all toilets
  • Check electrical/sub panels. Remediate power outage issues if found (such as resetting timers/clocks)
  • Investigate irregular odors, alarms, or noises
  • Visually inspect interior pumps (sump or ejector systems)
  • Check all interior monitoring/alert devices and equipment
  • Check for signs of interior pest issues, damage or infestations
  • Visually inspect garage and any stored vehicles
  • Check water heater functionality (if left on)
  • Check WiFi functionality
  • Verify security system is functioning properly upon entry/exit

Following each visit we provide detailed reporting so you see what we see and understand all actions taken. See “Reporting” below for details.

Concierge Services

We can help! Our concierge services offer our home watch clients valuable convenience by having a trusted partner available for their needs. Examples of how we can help include:

  • Escorting Service Providers into your home for urgent issues, repairs or projects
  • Personal Assistance such as errands, managing deliveries/mail, return/departure prep, or watering plants
  • Key Management we securely store & release keys or provide home access per your direction
  • Preventative/Routine Maintenance needs such as changing filters or batteries
  • Car Watch starting/driving stored vehicles or connecting chargers
  • Special Requests ask us, we will help if we can

Special requests are welcomed. We will work with you to accommodate based on our expertise and insurance coverage. (Note: we can not provide snow removal, ride services or pet care)

When a Home Watch visit is completed at your residence, you receive detailed reporting immediately after our visit. As the industry leader, we chose HomeWatchIT as our technology partner. HWIT provides customized reporting complete with photos, GPS coordinates and is time/date stamped. Your advantages include quality communication and documentation after each visit as well as the confidence that your personal information and data is secure. Check out this video for details.